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The word RxEDO (pronounced 'Re-do') may sound a bit odd, but a "Re-do" is a new beginning, which is what our company believes was necessary in creating a new and better model to manage pharmacy benefits under a transparent and pass-through model.

In order to deliver RxEDO's unique service model, our Company began by utilizing it and its national parter's proven talents in software design, plan analysis, pharmacy administration, and clinical design to create a baseline of understanding with RxEDO's proprietary tool, RxeEvaluate™, which allows us to reprice the claims as if we were managing the benefits on the day the claims were filed.  From there, we took it a step further and built a comprehensive line of data analysis tools - RxeAssure™ and RxeFine™ - to validate, educate and address the changing needs of Prescription Drug Management. This suite of Tools provides for greater control and allows our partners to have an unmatched understanding with regard to Prescription Drug Management. 

Our proven philosophy of "RxeEvaluate™, RxeAssure™ and RxeFine™" has provided a simple and understandable way to achieve desired results and improve outcomes.